Comprehensive Vet Care

Pets need all kinds of veterinary services over the course of their lifespan. Your pet’s diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits will change with age, along with his veterinary needs. By choosing a vet that offers comprehensive veterinary care, you can stay on top of your pet’s ever-changing healthcare needs. Inwood Animal Clinic, serving pet owners in New York, is your one-stop location for caring for your pet at every stage of its life.

Vet care

What to Expect from Comprehensive Vet Care

Comprehensive vet care starts when your furry friend is a baby and extends through his senior years. For dogs and cats, this could last between 10 and 15 years. Preventive care is the basis of our vet care program as it plays a key role in your pet’s long-term health. Additional services include medical treatments, pet surgery, emergency care, and more.

Wellness Care

Through wellness care, your pet can avoid problems with parasites, sickness, and disease. Keeping your pet healthy is much better than having to offer treatment. Our wellness care program includes such services as:

- Annual wellness exam

- Diagnostic testing

- Parasite prevention

- Vaccinations

- Pet dental care

- Nutritional counseling

Vaccinations and parasite control protect your pet from serious diseases that can lead to death. Pet dental care services help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and strong to avoid problems with bleeding gums, periodontal infections, and tooth loss.

Through nutritional counseling, you can make healthy dietary choices for your pet to enhance his growth and development. Dietary counseling also helps you avoid problems with obesity that can adversely impact your pet’s overall health.

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets are more prone to health issues and diseases due to having a weaker immune system. Your NY vet can recommend medication and treatments to manage the symptoms of chronic health conditions to give your pet a higher quality of life.

Pet Surgery and Emergency Care

A veterinarian near you also offers surgical and emergency vet treatment for serious medical conditions or injuries that may arise. Through pet surgery and emergency care, we can help restore your pet’s health and expedite his recovery to extend his lifespan.

See Our Veterinarian for Comprehensive Vet Care

From a wellness exam to urgent care treatment and everything in between, contact Inwood Animal Clinic, serving residents in New York, at 212-304-8387 for the quality pet care services your pet needs.


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