Pet Wellness Exam

Wellness exams can play an important role in your pet’s long-term health. Through routine checkups, your veterinarian near you can uncover signs of health problems early, before they get out of hand. Your vet can even prevent problems from occurring, saving you time and money on costly treatments. At Inwood Animal Clinic, pet exams are included in the many services we offer pet owners in the Inwood Neighborhood, NY, Manhattan, NY, and New York, NY, area.

Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Exam - What to Expect

During a pet exam, your veterinarian near you will visually inspect your pet for signs of abnormalities that could indicate a hidden medical issue. We might check your pet’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth and inspect his skin and fur for signs of infection or disease. We might also palpate your pet’s abdomen for signs of pain and examine his joints for signs of arthritis. Your vet will also listen to your pet’s heart and lungs to detect signs of heart or respiratory issues.

A wellness exam is also a good time to express any concerns you may have about your pet’s health, behavior, habits or diet, so we can follow up on these issues. After examining your pet, we’ll peruse his file to see if there are preventive treatments that need updating. These could include vaccinations, dental checkups, or parasite control procedures.

Senior Pet Exams

Senior pets may need bi-annual checkups due to their delicate health. Arthritis, deafness, failing eyesight, and diabetes are just a few of the many age-related problems a senior pet can develop. Through diagnostics, we can stay abreast of your senior pet’s health and offer counsel or treatments that can help improve his quality of life in his senior years.

Puppy and Kitten Exams  

You can schedule your puppy or kitten's first exam soon after you first get him. More frequent checkups may follow so we can monitor your pet’s growth and development. Vaccinations, parasite and heartworm control, dietary counseling, and spay & neuter surgery are additional services we can offer young pets.

Get Vet Care from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Clinic

To schedule a wellness exam for your furry friend, contact us at Inwood Animal Clinic, serving residents in Inwood Neighborhood, NY, Manhattan, NY, and New York, NY, at (212) 304-8387. Call us for vet care from a veterinarian near you at our animal clinic.


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