Pet Dental Care FAQs

Inwood Animal Clinic Pet Dental Care FAQs

Even people who take excellent care of their pets can sometimes overlook the importance of cat or dog teeth cleanings and dental care. Since pets cannot brush their teeth, they depend on you to keep their oral health strong. Inwood Animal Clinic in New York, NY, provides high-quality pet dental care and teeth cleanings to keep your pet healthy and happy. We are here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions our patients in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan have about cat and dog dental health.

Pet Dental Care FAQs

Why Is Pet Dental Care So Important?

Besides fresher-smelling breath, routine veterinary dental care can prevent damage to the rest of your pet’s body, including the internal organs. Teeth that decay over time can cause significant pain for your pet, making it difficult to chew and receive proper nutrition. Visiting a veterinarian near you can help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime with quality cat or dog dental care and teeth cleanings.

How Can I Gain Cooperation for a Teeth Cleaning Session?

Just because your pet relies on you for its oral health does not mean it will be happy about having its teeth brushed. You need to start getting your pet prepared for teeth cleaning slowly and remain patient and consistent before you can expect regular cooperation from your pet.

You should wear latex gloves to protect your hands while cleaning your pet’s teeth. You should then approach your pet with a small toothbrush containing toothpaste meant for pets. Allow your pet to sniff the toothbrush at first so it gets more comfortable. Try lifting your pet’s upper lip and brush a few teeth at a time. You will want to offer plenty of praise and undivided attention, and you should get further with the process each day. Dental treats that fight plaque and freshen breath are an excellent way to reward your pet after cleaning its teeth.

You can also visit your veterinarian near you for professional teeth cleanings if you have difficulty brushing your pet’s teeth at home. They can also extract teeth during the cleaning session if necessary.

How Often Does My Pet Need a Dental Exam?

Our vet recommends that you bring your pet to our animal clinic at least once a year for a complete dental exam. We typically include an inspection of your pet’s mouth and teeth as part of a regular preventive care exam unless your pet requires more intensive oral healthcare services. Our vet can also show you how to approach cat or dog teeth cleaning at home.

Get a High-Quality Cat or Dog Dental Care at Inwood Animal Clinic Today

Pet dental care and teeth cleanings are vital for ensuring your pet’s oral and overall health remains strong, so contact Inwood Animal Clinic in New York, NY, to keep your pet’s teeth bright and clean today. If you are looking for a veterinarian near you in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan, NY, call us today at (212) 304-8387.

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