Pet Dental Care

Just like people, pets need to have their teeth and gums taken care of. If not, then plaque and tartar can build up in their mouths which can loosen their teeth and allow bacteria into their bloodstream. As a result, they can develop serious health conditions, including organ failure. At Inwood Animal Clinic, we want to help the animals of the Inwood Neighborhood, NY, Manhattan, NY, and surrounding New York, NY, areas have healthy teeth and gums.

Pet Dental care

What Happens during Cleaning?

If it turns out that your pet needs to have dental work done, it will be put under anesthesia, which will allow the vet to do the cleaning. There may be times when the vet has to extract teeth if the gum disease has progressed.

What Should I Do at Home?

There are several things you can do. If you have a dog, they can do things like give him special bones to gnaw on, since that can help with their teeth and gums. If you have cats, there are other treats that can help with dental health. You can also, using proper toothpaste, brush your pet’s teeth although this may be easier said than done.

A great way to monitor your pet's dental health is to bring him in for regular wellness checks. A vet on our team will check his teeth and gums, and may recommend that dental work be done at our animal clinic.

What Should I Look for?

You can also periodically check how his oral health is by opening his mouth and looking. There may be times when he seems to have worse breath than usual and that can be a sign that something is wrong. Also, if he seems to be reluctant to chew on things, his teeth could be hurting.

Get Dog Teeth Cleaning, Dog Dental Care, and Vet Care from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Clinic

If you are looking for a veterinarian near you serving Manhattan, NY, Inwood, NY, and the surrounding New York, NY, area, visit us at Inwood Animal Clinic. Call our animal clinic at (212) 304-8387 today to make an appointment for a dog teeth cleaning, dog dental care, or general vet care.

February is National Pet Dental Month: Get 10% Off Your Pet's Dental Care When You Book an Appointment Between Jan 29th and March 1st by calling Inwood Animal Clinic at (212) 304-8387 or by booking an appointment online here!


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